What Our Customers Say

“Feel good and comfortable talking to the staff. Maylee is so good and easy to talk to,she is good in explaining everything so that people can understand what’s all about.I am so thankful that I joined in this insurance company ”


“Just wanna say that my agent Maylee Costelo is the best and she needs a raise 🙌 She always helps me and go above and beyond to make sure our family is well protected even when I’m on Vacation. You'll never be disappointed with her services. CUSTOMER SERVICE from her is 💯 % ”


“Aaron reviewed my policy very thouroughly with me and pointed out some key areas on both my auto and renters policy which gives me a bundled discount. I’ll also be scheduling a Life Policy appointment with him, great job. ”


“Awesome! I noticed that when your driving record becomes better, every insurance company starts sending you emails left and right. I don’t know how they know how much you pay with your present provider, but they do. Other companies try and low ball the price so you’re tempted to switch. The biggest factor was Aaron and his customer service that kept me. Stay local! ”


“Working with you and your staff, particularly Lisa Gomes has been, and continues to be, a thoroughly satisfying experience. My family and I are very happy with your services. Mahalo! ”


“it has been great hassle free I thinks it’s awesome to constantly hear from my agent regularly via email . This is 1 of many reason I have stayed with Kekoolani & Associates all these years ”


“I have never had a problem dealing with Kekoolani & Associates on any issue. staff is friendly and very helpful. I chose Kekoolani & Associates due to it's rate/coverage structure is one of the best in the business. ”